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Dr. Esparza began his education in general dentistry, where he won the Pediatric Award in his class due to his innate ability to interact with childre

Cleaning Teeth & Making Children Smile

You want what’s best for your child – a good education, excellent health, and happy life. The same is true for the oral health of your son or daughter. That’s why Dr. Esparza Pediatric Dentistry

Protect Your Child’s Mouth

Does your son or daughter play sports? If it is a contact sport, where there’s any type of “rough and tumble” play, then mouth guards are essential. We create custom sports guards that are a per

Does Your Child Need Dental Surgery?

It’s unsettling to have cavities as well as significant tooth and mouth problems–especially for a child. After all, nobody likes getting a tooth pulled, much less having dental surgery. Because we


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Pediatric Dentist in Laredo, TX

Welcome to Dr. Esparza's dental clinic - Laredo's leading center of excellence for all things dental our experienced team cares about your health. We try to satisfy everything you need. Our clinic is a family practice to start over with specialists treating kids and finish up with specialists treating very older people.

The real reason for coming to the clinic is that the patient's going to have cared for. We think that matters more than anything else. We committed to pain-free dentistry, keeping you smiling with confidence. When patients come for the first time, they say they're very nervous about coming. We think it's quite important to stress that the first stage is consultation.

We're just going to talk through what their concerns are they feel comfortable. Then we can go on to do an examination and have a look and see into talking more about what's possible.

We think the best way of putting people at ease is to be quite clear about what we will and what we will not do in that first appointment because a lot of it is fear of the unknown and that prehension of what's going to happen when I'm there will a straightaway be in the dental chair and there will be work done.

The answer's no - we will set out quite clearly in advance what will and won't happen. Modern dentistry shouldn't really cause any discomfort to patients, or you shouldn't trigger any anxiety in patients. We have invested in the latest dental chairs, which are probably the best you can buy with all the extra equipment, from intraoral cameras to all the specialist drills.

The very important part is LED lighting which brings things to a completely different level so that you can actually see everything. We also have binocular microscopes and lasers - all the specialist equipment that the specialist needs.

We want people to feel comfortable here, so we always say to them if you're not living in Laredo anymore and you're knocking around, just come and have a coffee with us. We'll be pleased to see you see how you're getting on. We're a leading dental practice for over 15 years in the US, so if you're looking for dentists in Laredo who are experienced and passionate - come and visit us.

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